Update [1.05] is out!

- [Gameplay] New mode: Castle Battle (BETA)
- [Gameplay] Now it is possible to select custom skins for equipments
- [Gameplay] Added Leaderboards for Castle Battle Mode
- [Gameplay] Added Achievements for Castle Battle Mode

- [Map] Two Castles was adapted to Castle Battle mode

- [Editor] New editor: Equipment Skins editor (BETA)
- [Editor] Added prefabs to create a Castle Battle map
- [Editor] The file panel now supports delete of multiple files at once

- [General] Files (characters/skins) downloaded during a match are automatically deleted when closing the game, unless they were used or opened in editor

- [Fix] Fixed a bug in the anti-cheat system
- [Fix] Fixed Turret preview inside Workshop
- [Fix] Fixed subscribed turrets import
- [Fix] Fixed Underground Duel map
- [Fix] Fixed Barrel collider
- [Fix] Fixed M18/C4 colliders
- [Fix] Better grenade synchronization
- [Fix] When spawning without equipments, the scoreboard could not be opened
- [Fix] Minor Fixes

Update [1.04] is out!

- [Map] Shangri-La (Assault)

- [General] Enabled Leaderboards page
- [General] Added Monthly and Weekly leaderboards; leaderboard history is persistent for each passed week and month
- [General] Now you can look other users’ profile stats and achievements (from the leaderboards page)

- [Moderation] Users could mute players’ chat by the “Players” section in the in-game menu
- [Moderation] Users could report their team-mates when griefing by the “Players” section in the in-game menu; after a certain threshold the player will be kicked
- [Moderation] Users that collect too many reports in the long-term will be temp-banned; the length of the temp-ban period will increase for each new ban
- [Moderation] Added unmoderated servers. In these servers report/kick will not work and could be joined by banned players
- [Moderation] Added config/staticban.list file to manage ban in hosted servers

- [Editor] Introduced NPC Editor (currently only for Slim Turret)
- [Editor] NPCs could be shared through Workshop
- [Editor] Added “Magic Wand Tool” inside “Selection Tool”. This allows to easily select/deselect all elements of the same type in the map.

- [GUI] Equipment stand’s icon on the mini-map now shows informations about its position along height direction

- [Fix] Servers were freezing on some circumstances
- [Fix] Hitting “new” in Character/NPC Editor will ask you “Are you sure?” before deleting current content
- [Fix] Demo servers sometimes were collecting stats
- [Fix] Rockets were passing through barrels
- [Fix] Fixed some slowdown spikes
- [Fix] Minor fixes

Update [1.03] is out!

- [General] Added 110 achievements (mostly connected to user experience) and several user statistics
- [General] Added profile page with player’s level statistics and achievements
(Stats and achievements will be updated only when playing on official servers)

- [Editor] Now it is possible to add stands for pickable equipments inside the map
- [Editor] Now it is possible to set the maximum height that a character could reach in a map

- [Gameplay] Claymores last for 90 seconds after players’ death, instead of breaking up immediately
- [Gameplay] Remaining inside the Target Area in Assault Mode will give score to players (true for both assault/defense team),
as long as the assault bar changes its value
- [General] User level is shown inside in-game scoreboards
- [General] Winning team in team-based matches gets x3 personal score

- [GUI] Explosives have their own overlay icon to not be confused with team-mates icon

- [Fix] The previews of maps in the workshop were not created rendering the skybox
- [Fix] Sometimes previews were broken when selecting nightly environments
- [Fix] Improved servers’ stability

Update [1.02] is out!

- [General] Steam Workshop Integration

- [Editor] Character preview inside editor is anti-aliased

- [GUI] When the in-game menu is opened, informations about current map, mode and server are provided

- [Fix] Joining a friend match from Steam overlay when the game is running is now supported
- [Fix] Joining a friend match from Steam with a password now works
- [Fix] Fixed synchronization issue on falling blocks when entering a match
- [Fix] Fixed blocks synchronization issue when blocks are broken using shotgun
- [Fix] Fixed client/server damage difference when using shotgun
- [Fix] Anti-cheat system was kicking when digging in the lowest level
- [Fix] Custom files were disappearing on Mac OS X
- [Fix] Characters sometimes were shaking when standing
- [Fix] When configuring the user-hosted server, same maps but with different game mode were considered as a single entry
- [Fix] Sometimes the game was hanging on “Connecting..”
- [Fix] Fixed “Underground Duel” (there was a shortcut from spawn point to the flag stand)
- [Fix] Score table was slightly moved on the right, to make the full log of the chat more readable
- [Fix] Crosshair was remaining on screen also when dead or the match was ended
- [Fix] Server’s character on TDM/CTF/Assault was spawning before the match start
- [Fix] Changing a key inside key settings and then doing “cancel” didn’t revert to previous configuration
- [Fix] Scoreboard was not updated immediately when joining a running match
- [Fix] Fixed “Sanctuary” map (needed more unbreakable blocks under some spawn points)
- [Fix] Minor fixes




Update [1.0] is out!

- [Gameplay] New mode: Capture The Flag
- [Gameplay] Added first NPC: Slim Turret (beta)
- [Gameplay] You can turn On/Off flashlight in dark environments (beta)
- [Gameplay] Flashlight has a clear light cone (beta)

- [Maps] New map: Holy War (CTF)
- [Maps] New map: Duel (CTF)
- [Maps] New map: Battle Camp (CTF)
- [Maps] Modified: Sewers (DM)
- [Maps] Modified: Pompeii (DM)

- [Editor] Added prefabs to build a Capture The Flag map

- [Weapons] Claymores are automatically destroyed when the placing player dies
- [Weapons] Sniper crosshair is less opaque

- [General] FOV is now configurable inside the in-game menu
- [General] Improved anti-cheat system

- [Fix] Random disconnections are less frequent
- [Fix] Sometimes Barrels were not exploding
- [Fix] Sometimes bullets had a precision error
- [Fix] Mini-map was fixed
- [Fix] Fixed an error when configuring base level
- [Fix] Fixed a problem on trapdoor rotation (maps previously saved could need manual fix)
- [Fix] Minor fixes



Blockstorm Halloween Contest 2014!

To celebrate the Halloween event we have organized a contest dedicated to creators of content.
Create a map with a creepy atmosphere or a character with his best Halloween costume!
Subscribe to the official forum and participate, there are great games to be won!

Info and rules: https://www.indiegala.com/contest


Update [0.99] is out!

- [Gameplay] Movement is less “smooth” (and so easier to control)

- [Maps] To easy up matchmaking for the Assault Mode, official servers will mix TDM and Assault maps as in Demo servers
- [Maps] Favelas has some barrels in it

- [Weapons] New weapon: MP5 (less recoil but less damage than AK47)
- [Weapons] More cubes recharged after picking a backpack

- [General] Upgraded codebase to Unity3D 4.5.4
- [General] Horizontal FOV is fixed to 100 for each aspect ratio
- [General] When a custom match ends the user could change map/mode (possibly selecting a set of maps to be voted)
- [General] Removed the “Do you want to remove your server from servers’ list?” dialog (useless since private matches use password)
- [General] Vote Kick starts after killing 3 team mates (before was 2)

- [Editor] Added “Spotlight” prefab to enlight dark environments
- [Editor] Added “Torchlight” prefab to enlight dark environments
- [Editor] Added “Trap Door” prefab, to enrich gameplay in custom-made maps
- [Editor] Now you can delete unwanted characters/maps from the editor (in the load/save panel)

- [Fix] Sometimes, custom DM servers were not listing incoming connections in the lobby screen
- [Fix] Fixed characters’ poses inside TDM winning screen
- [Fix] Flashlight was disappearing inside wall when walking too near to it
- [Fix] Sometimes, Flashlight was visible across walls
- [Fix] Game was crashing when downloading a corrupted asset
- [Fix] Hurting team mates with explosives was incorrectly considered assist
- [Fix] Informations about selectable weapons where not correctly saved
- [Fix] Minor fixes


Update [0.98] Blockstorm Demo is out!

- [Demo] The Demo is out! Players that bought the Full version could play with players that are trying the Demo version.

- [Servers] New server in Singapore!

- [Maps] Map “Sanctuary” added (Team Deathmatch)

- [General] Upgraded codebase to Unity3D 4.5.3
- [GUI] The servers list shows multiple game modes at once now.

- [Fix] Flashlight was suddendly disappearing
- [Fix] Server’s loading times were increasing between matches
- [Fix] Minor fixes




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Update 0.971

- [Maps] Map “In the forest” added (Team Deathmatch)
- [Maps] Map “Favelas” added (Team Deathmatch)

- Can use editors when Steam is in “offline mode”

- Minor fixes




Update 0.97 is out!

Update 0.97 is out!

Thanks to all users for helping us with their feedbacks!

- [General] Life was made a bit harder to cheaters

- [Servers] Official server will ban you if you are cheating
- [Servers] Fixed a bug that made some servers hang randomly (clients were stuck at the “connecting..” screen)

- [Maps] Map “Pompei” added (Deathmatch)

- [Input] Xbox360 Controller is now supported to play in game
- [Input] Grenade could be thrown using a single button (default is ‘G’)
- [Input] Aiming could be configured with a “toggle” behaviour

- [Gameplay] New prefab: Explosive barrels

- [Fix] Assault mode, winner team is now propagated correctly
- [Fix] Fixed a bug when loading corrupted assets
- [Fix] Fixed the psychedelic bug when you try to join a friend from Steam
- [Fix] Fixed rotation of prefabs
- [Fix] Minor bug fixes

- [Performance] Explosions are faster to be computed
- [Performance] Better particles management

- [Known issue] When the assault team wins, the timer doesn’t hide
- [Known issue] Sometimes the mini map doesn’t show the bottom layer
- [Known issue] Sometimes the list of blocks inside the editor goes outside its panel



Blockstorm Contest Winners!

Blockstorm Contest Winners!

Thank you all for your incredible support to the contest!

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Update 0.96 is out!

Update 0.96 is out!

Thanks to all users for helping us with their feedbacks!

- [Maps] Map “The Mall” added (Deathmatch)
- [Maps] Map “Ruins” added (Deathmatch, Team deathmatch)
- [Maps] At the end of the match, on dedicated servers users could vote the next map using F1, F2, F3, … keys
(map playlists on user-hosted servers will come in future updates)

- [General] Upgraded codebase to Unity3D 4.5.1
- [General] Now mature content should be reported as “mature” (the checkbox should be activated inside the informations panel of the asset)
- [General] It’s possible to show/hide all custom characters reported as mature (by default, hide all mature content)
- [General] It’s possible to choose to show/hide each single custom character despite the mature property
- [General] The player that hosts a match could kick griefers
- [General] When a player kills his own team mates 2 times or more, he will raise a vote kick against him
- [General] Players could report to server that another player is offensive or hasn’t reported his character as “mature”.
Each custom character used by an offensive player will be considered as mature, also his chat will be disabled on that server.
- [General] Far terrain/characters are shown/hidden chunk by chunk

- [GUI] A new panel was added to see characters that are currently used by players
- [GUI] Now it’s possible to chat also when the game is over

- [Editor] It’s possible to lock use/modify for custom characters and maps
- [Editor] It’s possible to know the resistance of blocks from tooltips inside the blockset panel
- [Editor] Menu buttons now have tooltips

- [Weapons] Aiming is slightly more precise and less smooth
- [Weapons] Improved Shotgun
- [Weapons] Sniper delay before reload was removed
- [Weapons] Sniper kills with one-shot on the whole body
- [Weapons] Better lag management for bullets

- [Fix] Fixed some freeze problems on Linux
- [Fix] Fixed author field for custom characters
- [Fix] Fixed the collider of the claymore
- [Fix] Fixed fog on linux
- [Fix] Minor bug fixes